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Prices & Fees

We work hard not to nickel-and-dime our clients with processing and other fees.   Our fees are intentionally lower than most management companies in order to help owners and associations keep costs in check.

As of January 2017:

Monthly Contract Services:
Small Building Program
(up to 12 units)
 from $525
Association Management $25-35/unit
Maintenance from $300
Janitorial from $225
Groundskeeping    from $200

Labor Rates:
Cleaning $39/hr
Vendor Access $39
Scheduled Maintenance $59/hr
Urgent Maintenance (travel+30 min) $59
Overtime 1.5x
Holiday / Overnight   2.0x

Transaction Fees:
Paid Assessment Letter $25
22.1 Disclosure $25
Morgage Questionnaire $25-$50 
Lease Processing    $25
Redraw Fee $25
Rush Fee    $25
Standard Key    $10
Security Key $20