Mailbox Keys

Your association does not have keys to individual condominium mailboxes. Only the postal service or a locksmith can provide access to your mailbox.

The easiest way to gain access is to remove and replace the lock:

  • Leave a note for the mail carrier explaining that you must change your mailbox lock and ask the carrier to remove the retaining clip holding the lock in place.

  • Determine the manufacturer and model of the mailbox.

  • Purchase a replacement lockset that fits your mailbox. Clark-Devon Hardware stocks all brands. They cost about $12.

  • Make a couple duplicates of the new mailbox lock keys while you are there.

  • Install the lock in the mailbox (no tools necessary).

  • Keep an extra key in a safe place. If you submit a key to our office, we will engrave it and tag it with your unit keys. You may obtain it during business hours if you lose other keys.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us for clarification at 773-856-5100.

  • Alternately, Chicago Condo Management can purchase and install a new mailbox lock on your behalf. The total cost for labor and parts is $65.