Maintenance Requests

The eyes and ears of building residents are our best source for information. Early reporting allows minor repairs to be made before more significant damage and expenses are incurred. If you see a lightbulb out, a sticky door, or other minor defects, please report them promptly.

To report routine maintenance, please log in to your homeowner portal.   Attach any pictures that would assist us in resolving the issue on our next visit.

For urgent matters that require attention before our next visit, you may send an email overnight, but please call also call the office during normal business hours at 773-856-5100.  Leave a voicemail with your address and telephone number and request for a call back - we'll usually confirm on the next business day, two at the most. 

In an emergency (see below) please call the appropriate agency and then us at 773-856-5100.  If you are calling after-hours or otherwise reach voicemail, press "0" (zero - and if nothing happens, press it 2x) to be connected with our 24 hour operator.  Leave your name and telephone number.  Call back if you are not updated within two hours.

Fire - if you smell smoke from an undetermined source or see fire in the building, call 911.   Then call our office.

Crime / Suspicious Persons - Other than a pleasant "hello", do not confront trespassers.  Call 911 then call the office and press zero.

Natural Gas - If you smell natural gas and can not resolve the source, call People's Gas at 866-556-6002 (or NICOR in suburbs 888-642-6748) from your cell phone or a neighbor's phone away from the gas smell.  Then call the office.

Vandalism - Call our office at 773-856-5100.  Leave a message if no immediate action is necessary to secure the property.  Otherwise, press ext. 0 to speak to the dispatch operator.

Leaks & Backups - Call 773-856-5100 ext. 0.  In most cases, weather-related leaks must be contained in buckets until the weather event concludes and an exterior repair can safely be affected.  Plumbing leaks that are non-stop are considered emergencies.  Those that are usage-based will typically be addressed on the next business day.

Water Main - if there's a geyser shooting up from the street, call 311.  Then send email to or call the emergency line if there is potential damage to the building.

Basement Flood - call our office at 773-856-5100 ext. 0.   Check the streets to see if they are flooded before calling.  If you reach the dispatch operator, please advise them if it has been raining heavily. They are located in California and don't know the weather conditions here.

Lockout - Contact a local locksmith for unit lockouts.  If a common area door lock has failed, please report it to our office by telephone for emergencies or email if it can wait until Monday.