Pest Control

We implement pest control programs that address the realities of our urban environment.


Regular service for most common pests is provided to common areas, basements, and exterior of a building.  Service dates are on a regular cycle, allowing owners and residents to anticipate and plan for the service.  Owners may enter the date as a repeating event on their calendars.


Unit owners may receive in-unit treatment on the scheduled service dates at no extra charge.  In-unit treatment is provided only upon request.  Submit requests at least two days prior to the treatment date.  Residents must make arrangements to provide unit access to the technician.  

When pest problems are known to exist, access to all surrounding units is required in order to effectively eliminate the problem.


After a unit has been treated for pests, any sighting of that pest after 10 days will be treated on a special visit by the pest control company at no additional charge.


If in-unit service was not conducted on a regular service date, Additional in-unit service visits are available upon request for a small fee.

If you've spotted a pest in or around your unit, please contact our maintenance team.